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"While his resume may not be long, Gomez proves to be an excellent technical director. I enjoyed the cinematography very much. Gomez uses dozens of interesting angles and tracking shots to keep the viewer interested in the film."
- Rogue Cinema on "PLASTIC.."

"I realized that this was one hell of a zombie flick."

- Horror Society's Review of "BLED WHITE."


"Appropriating established themes and cinematic devices is nothing new, but not many aspiring filmmakers have the chutzpah and know-how to pull it off (for pennies) with such aplomb. Based on his work here, Gomez is clearly a rising talent worth keeping a close eye on."

- Horror 101 With DR. A.C. on BLED WHITE.

Let's Make Movies.










Working with local talent, our productions has gone on to win multiple awards across the U.S. Two features are now out on DVD, "Bled White" and "Plastic."


The Appointment.

Tragedy of the Delivery Boy. 2 awards.

Sunday in the Middle of Nowhere. 1 nomination.

The Muchachos Frescos. 3 awards.

Bled White. 4 awards. Multiple Nominations

Love, Death, and Blueberry Pancakes. 2 awards.

Plastic [FPPI FILMS]. 5 awards and multiple nominations.

The Disappeared. One Award. One Nomination.

Day 1: Multiple Awards and nominations.



I have numerous screenplays in all genres. These include Sci-Fi, Horror, Teen Drama, Inner Urban City, Dark Comedies, etc.

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